Tips for installing outside lighting for security and landscape illumination


Your home is your oasis, and it is important to ensure that you have adequate lighting around the outside of it for improved security and enhanced beauty. While there are a variety of reputable landscape architects in Pierce County that could help design the space, working with an experienced Tacoma electrician is one of the best ways to get your home’s exterior illuminated with not just superior functionality, but aesthetics, too. Here are some important things to keep in mind when installing outside lighting for your home.

Create a plan.

First, you will need to set your budget and develop a plan that works within that. Draw a general layout of the area you are working with and determine what areas you most need or want lighting. If you have the option to install lighting before the landscaping goes in, this is usually the easiest option. For homeowners that already have mature landscaping, you can work around that and still highlight the landscape features that are most important to you. Keep in mind that your trees, shrubs, bushes, and flowers will grow, so consider that when you plan for the lighting placement.

Keep security in mind.

Did you know that according to 2019 FBI data, 39% of burglaries happen at night? Your outside lighting should ensure that there aren’t areas where someone could easily hide or make an attempt to break in. Motion-detecting lights are a great option for security purposes. If you have large shrubs or trees, make sure you keep them trimmed and make certain there is adequate lighting around them.

Know your options.

Do you want above-ground lighting that is strategically placed around your yard or home? Maybe low-voltage below-ground lighting is the best option. Sometimes a combination of both would be ideal. Next, determine what kind of lamps you want – LED, incandescent, or fluorescent. For example, consider replacing old, inefficient incandescent flood lamps with energy-efficient wall-mounted LED flood lamps on the exterior of your home or garage. There are also lights that can be installed in the trees to provide ambiance and enhanced safety! Our experienced team of electricians at Tapps Electric can help determine which choice is best for your property’s unique layout.

Work with a professional.

Oftentimes, homes are not equipped for outside lighting when they are first built. Coming in after the fact and adding outside lighting can be complex. Various connections and wires need to be in the right place for the electricity to flow safely and electricians will know how to accurately find a connection in the ground or the grass. Don’t be tempted to take on a do-it-yourself outside electrical project. Trying to complete this without the right training and tools could create a safety hazard that you do not want to risk.

Let us help with your outdoor electrical project! Whether it is wiring for a backyard kitchen, installing motion-detecting lights around the exterior of your garage, or adding a combination of lighting around shrubbery to highlight your property’s natural beauty, our Tapps Electric union electricians are the most qualified in the industry. We can tackle the toughest outdoor electrical projects! Contact us today to talk to us about your outdoor lighting needs and to get your appointment scheduled.

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