How to Reduce Your Monthly Electric Bill

How to Reduce Your Monthly Electric Bill

Ever looked at your electric bill and noticed the cost just didn’t add up to what you’ve been using? There may be things in your home utilizing more power than you realize or things you didn’t even know were using power at all! Below are some helpful tips on why your monthly bills are on the rise and what you can do to reduce your power usage and save money!

Eliminate Phantom Power Drawing

When devices like cellphone and laptop chargers remain plugged in even when you’re not using them, they still draw energy. While a single charger isn’t going to run your bill sky high, having a household of unused chargers and other energy vampires constantly sucking power does add up faster than you think!

One of the easiest ways you can save a bit on your energy bill every month is to just remember to unplug these cords after you’re done using them.

Make the Switch to LED Light Bulbs

This is one of the best ways you can save on your monthly electric bill! 90 percent of the energy used to power incandescent lights is wasted on heat alone and only 10 percent is used for light itself.

LEDs, on the other hand, use 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and have an extended lifespan that’s 25 times longer! Sure, LED bulbs may cost you a few dollars more to purchase, but when you consider how much you can save on those electric bills and lightbulbs over time, it’s absolutely worth it to make the switch!

Turn Off Lights and Ceiling Fans When Not in Use

So, you’re in a hurry or busy tending to something at home and you forget to switch off the light before leaving a room. We’ve all done it, but despite how small and forgivable a mistake like this is – our electricity bill won’t be quite so forgiving when it comes time to pay the bill.

Try to make a habit of always hitting those switches just as you’re leaving the room to prevent wasting energy at home. If you need a light on at night so you can safely navigate a space or help keep the boogey man at bay for the kids, try using a low-wattage lamp instead of ceiling lights. Ceiling lights are used to illuminate an entire room, which ends up costing more than a lamp that’s just focused on lighting a small space.

Install Auto or Timed Switches

As the name implies, auto switches will automatically turn lights on when motion is detected in the space and switch off when there is no one in the room. These are especially useful for those prone to leaving lights on by accident and reduce unnecessary power usage.

Alternatively, you can also have timed light switches installed, which can be programmed to turn on and off at specific times you set.

Change Outdated Appliances

Older, outdated appliances – like refrigerators and dishwashers – have a nasty tendency to raise your monthly electric bills since they’re not as energy efficient as newer models. This is actually one of the main culprits for higher power bills at home and something that is often less talked about when looking for ways to save energy.

Of course, changing out every single outdated appliance in your home at once can be a huge undertaking and is easier said than done. Even switching out a single appliance here and there, however, can really help reduce your monthly bills. Start by replacing the oldest appliance in your kitchen and gradually replace other appliances in the home over time.

Make Sure Your Home is Properly Insulated

If your home isn’t adequately insulated, your air conditioner or heating is working overtime to keep your home comfortable and using a lot of power to do so. Even something as miniscule as a door that’s not sealing properly, or a drafty window can put extra stress on your AC.

Check for abnormally hot or cold rooms, depending on the season, and make sure any doors or windows in the space aren’t letting in the outside elements. Additionally, touch the walls in each room to make sure they feel dry and warm. If you notice unusually damp or cold walls in the room, you’re likely lacking enough insulation in that space.

Fully Utilize Home Appliances

When it comes to high-energy use appliances in your home, like washing machines, it’s best to make the most out of every use. Try to minimize your weekly usage by washing larger loads at a time – meaning don’t dedicate an entire wash/dry cycle to just 2 towels.

Using household appliances efficiently is just another super easy way to slim down those electric bills every month and save you money.

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