Commercial Electrician Breaks Down Requirements of Rewiring an Old Building

Regardless of how well a commercial building’s electrical system was designed, upgrades or full re-wiring is sometimes required to bring the building up to current standards. Improving electrical systems will help keep things safe and modern. However, commercial electricians who have spent years in the trade know that there are several factors that need to be considered before starting a rewire project for a commercial building. Here, we will discuss some of these important factors.


Older buildings were constructed to different building standards and codes than today. Builders often used completely different materials too, and many times, asbestos and lead paint are discovered when doing a system re-wire or remodel. When taking on a commercial re-wiring project, commercial electricians may run into some challenges along the way. Thankfully, our Tapps electricians know exactly how to tackle the job carefully, so you, your employees, and building are kept safe and secure.

Unfortunately, many times people think they can save money by completing a do-it-yourself electrical project. Taking on an electrical repair or a full system re-wire without the right electrical training and experience could be a dangerous mistake. Sometimes our electricians see wires that are cut too short, which make wiring connections difficult and dangerous. Other times, we see unprotected cables that are left exposed and vulnerable. Another common issue that we see in older commercial buildings are loose switches or outlets that can move around, causing wires to come loose. This can cause overheating or arcing, which is a fire hazard.

Wiring mistakes are common and if they are left uncorrected, there is the potential to cause short circuits, a full system breakdown, or a building fire. If you have been looking at your commercial electrical system and are concerned about how old it is, or how it has been worked on in the past, it’s best to contact our experienced commercial electricians to troubleshoot and take a look.

How To Know If Your Building Needs to Be Re-Wired

We rely heavily on electricity to power our businesses and commercial spaces. Unfortunately, older electrical systems sometimes cannot keep up with today’s energy usage. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 7.3% of non-residential fires happen because of electrical malfunction. Oftentimes, this is due to inefficient electrical systems that are outdated or have a failure or malfunction with the internal components.

Perhaps your building was constructed several decades ago. If your space was built before the 1970s, chances are, it needs to be rewired to keep up with today’s demands. This is especially true if your building relies on information technology. Poor-quality wiring can have a serious negative impact on sales and other parts of your business operations. Commercial-grade network wiring is more reliable and can be used for a wide range of purposes – from small offices to large data centers.

Has your property undergone any recent damage? Maybe it is from a flood, windstorm, or something else. If the electrical system has sustained significant damage that has caused it to stop functioning normally, there is a good chance a full system re-wire is required.

Key Takeaways

Having an electrical system that works reliably every day with no issues helps your business and commercial building operate successfully. Our Tapps Electric commercial electricians in Pierce County can hand all your electrical needs. Whether it is rewiring a warehouse, storage facility, restaurant, school, or something else, there are a lot of reasons to hire an electrician. Our team has the expertise and training you can trust. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or get your free virtual estimate.

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