What Is Low-Voltage Lighting?

what is low-voltage lighting

Lighting up a modern commercial building is far from how it used to be. Gone are the days of changing a few lightbulbs or choosing standard overhead lights throughout an office.

Modern commercial setups include unusual and memorable lighting designs. It offers many advantages to a business and a property manager.

Take low-voltage lighting, for example. This can make a space look beautiful and unique, and it can also save money. So what is low-voltage lighting? Read on to learn more about how to use low-voltage lighting in your commercial properties.

What Is Low-Voltage Lighting? A Brief Overview

Low voltage lighting is the technical name for a light with a lower voltage than standard types of lighting. Standard lights in commercial settings are 120V for most fixtures. For larger appliances, they are 240V.

By contrast, a low-voltage light will be either 12V or 24V. To achieve that, the lighting system uses a transformer.

Low-voltage lighting has many applications in a commercial environment. It’s ideal when the space needs subtler lighting that’s easier to control, like a retail display. It’s also more energy efficient and safer for the public.

For commercial property managers, it’s growing in popularity.

 The Potential Cost Savings

One reason low-voltage lighting options are popular with commercial property managers is the cost. When used throughout a property, this lighting can deliver significant savings. It dramatically lowers energy consumption.

On average, lighting makes up around 17% of the energy bills in a commercial property. Any savings here can make a noticeable difference in the annual bills.

That financial savings is even more pronounced if you run a large property or multiple properties.

You can also use LED technology with low-voltage lighting. Doing so will give you more savings, as LED bulbs last longer.

Depending on your property location, you may benefit from tax incentives or rebates. You will need to check details in your state to see what’s on offer.

Low Voltage Lighting and Sustainability

Low-voltage lighting is a great way to boost your sustainability credentials. It’s a more environmentally-friendly choice than standard voltage lighting. Less energy use means you are taking steps to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

If all property managers worldwide did this in every commercial property, it would have a huge impact.

Consider for a moment the recent news on rising global temperatures. It’s good news that we still have lots of small changes that, collectively, can make a difference.

When combined with LED bulbs, the environmental effect is even greater. You aren’t replacing lights so often; therefore, you’re cutting down on waste.

Plus, the absence of mercury in LED bulbs presents this harmful substance as reentering the ecosystem.

You may have existing green initiatives or plan to introduce them. Either way, low-voltage lighting is a simple, quick, and low-cost step.

The Safety Aspect of Low-Voltage Lighting

When you manage commercial properties, you have a duty of care. You need to ensure your buildings are safe for employees or members of the public. Overlooking this duty could leave you with legal action and associated costs.

Low-voltage lighting reduces the risk of an electric shock. That helps protect those who maintain and install lighting in your businesses.

Plus, it will protect anyone in the building should an issue arise with the lighting or electrical system.

Another feature of low-voltage lighting is that it has a lower heat output. If someone accidentally touches a light, it doesn’t cause the same burning risk. Plus, it reduces the chance of a fire in the building.

Modern buildings need to adhere to the highest safety standards. Introducing low-voltage lighting is a simple way to meet any safety regulations you face as a property manager.

Lighting Design and Low Voltage Lights

If lighting is vital in your commercial property, low-voltage options can help. It gives you great customization options, helping you create the perfect light aesthetic.

The compact size of low-voltage lighting means you can fit them in more places and light fixtures. That’s useful if you have a unique lighting design.

Low-voltage lighting is also compatible with lighting effects like dimmers or timers. That’s valuable in some environments when you need greater control over lighting.

It’s also a helpful way to save money, as you can use dimmer lights when you have greater natural light and vice versa.

Overall, the addition of low-voltage commercial lighting will make your property more appealing. It will be easier to secure the right business tenant.

Durability: How Low-Voltage Lighting Lowers Your Maintenance Demands

Maintenance will make up much of your time and expenses when managing a property. Long-lasting light fixtures will offer you an advantage.

Low-voltage lighting won’t need frequent repairs or replacements. They are highly durable. They are less likely to break during a power surge, for example.

They also have plenty of longevity. A low-voltage LED light, for example, can last for 20,000 hours or more.

Fewer maintenance tasks also mean you can lower payroll expenses for maintenance work. Or you can reassign maintenance staff to other high-priority repair work in your building.

The Installation Process for Low-Voltage Lighting

It’s straightforward to install low-voltage lighting. An added advantage is that it doesn’t cause disruption if you have people working in the building. Thus, you can get this lighting installed during regular working hours.

You’ll connect a transformer to a power source and the low-voltage light fixture. While this is simple, it does require a trained electrician. They’ll ensure the work meets the best safety standards and provide a swift and accurate setup.

At Tapps Electrics, our commercial electricians offer the highest standards for all light-fitting work.

Getting the Perfect Light Installation for Your Commercial Property


In short, it’s a smart and savvy way to save money on your commercial property. It looks great, is safe, and will help you do your bit for the environment.

With so many benefits, why not try it on your next property upgrade?

You can take the first step now by contacting our trusted team. Let our experts take on your low-voltage lighting installation so you can start to see the benefits.

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