How to Choose the Right Outdoor Flood Light Bulbs


Now that springtime has arrived in the Pacific Northwest, people are spending time getting the interior and exterior of their homes or commercial buildings cleaned, updated, and organized. When you are working your way through your spring cleaning or maintenance checklist, think about how your space could benefit from quality outdoor lighting installed by a team of experienced Tacoma electricians. Outdoor flood light bulbs are a powerful supplier of light that can help ensure your area has plenty of illumination all year long. Here, we will discuss how these different types of light bulbs are used and how to choose the right one for your specific space.

Types of Flood Light Bulbs

Our team of electricians are experienced in installing outdoor flood light bulbs in spaces of all kinds. Some of the most common type of flood light bulbs include:

LED lights:

These have become more and more popular as the years go on. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, but their real benefits come in the way of lifespan and energy efficiency. Their lifespan is unlike any other light bulb on the market. They generally last for many years and offer hundreds of hours of light. They are more expensive up front, but because they outlive other bulbs, they end up being more cost effective in the long run. In addition, because they require less energy to produce the same amount of light as other bulbs do, you will likely see a decrease in your energy use and ultimately a reduction in your utility bill.

Outdoor LED flood light bulbs are also dimmable, come in different colors, and are smaller and more durable than other lights. This comes in handy when you are thinking of your outdoor space, as they can withstand different types of weather and won’t take up large amounts of space like other bulky outdoor lights might.

Halogen lights:

Halogen lights are some of the most used outdoor flood light bulbs. They are inexpensive and have the option of a high color rendering index, which produces very bright light. The bulbs are small but incredibly powerful, which make them great for motion activated flood lights. These lights also don’t contain mercury, which makes them an environmentally friendly option.

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Flood Light Bulbs

When you are determining which outdoor lights are best for your specific space, it is important to keep a few things in mind.


Before you know which type of bulb you need, you will need to know where the lights will be used. What space will it need to cover? What height and angle should it be installed for maximum efficiency and coverage? Consider any doors, windows, gutters, or pipes that may cause an obstruction to the installation, too. Once you have an idea or where the light will be used, you can determine which size bulb is best. For example, if you choose to go with a top-quality LED bulb but find that it is not big enough for the space you have chosen, you could run into an issue.

Not sure which space is best? Our skilled electricians at Tapps Electric can help you determine the best placement to ensure you get the right amount of light, exactly where you need it.


Not everyone will need the brightest flood light on the market. Outdoor flood light bulbs come with a wide range of brightness outputs. The one you choose is dependent on how big your space is and how much of it you want lit. For example, if you want the lights to be used for driveways, walkways, or patio spaces, you could get away with a light with lower lumens. However, if you want larger spaces like parking lots or a small field, you will need higher-powered outdoor flood light bulbs that illuminate the space well. The right placement and angle are also key here, so working with our team at Tapps Electric is a crucial part of getting things right from the very start. We will make sure that the lights are put into the right position, so you aren’t stumbling in the dark.


How do you want your outdoor flood light bulbs to be activated? Do you want to turn them on manually? Perhaps you want them for security purposes and want them activated with motion sensors. There are pros and cons to each option, so determine what is most important to you. Our electricians are happy to provide recommendations on which flood light bulb products could be best for your unique space. During your free estimate, we can go over any questions you have about how these lights are activated so you can come up with the best solution.


At Tapps Electric, we are committed to providing residences and businesses around Pierce County with reliable electrical services, including wiring for all types of outdoor lighting. Our trained and highly qualified union electricians are licensed, bonded, and have the experience you can trust to get outside space wired properly.
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