7 Signs You Need a Wiring Upgrade in your Commercial space

Commercial Wiring Circuit

Your commercial space is essential to your business, and the wiring in that space helps make sure everything runs smoothly. While it can sometimes get put on the back of the priority list, it is critical to make sure that the wiring in your commercial space is working for you and your business. Below are seven signs that you need a wiring upgrade today.

Your Circuit Breaker Overloads Often

 Your circuit breaker is designed to turn off power if the system is overloaded or if there is a safety issue. This feature helps to protect your commercial space and your business. However, if your circuit breaker is tripped often, this could signify a potentially dangerous issue going on with the wiring somewhere in the building. If you find yourself continually flipping back on your circuit breaker, you may also be experiencing outdated wiring.

While outdated wiring can cause a number of electrical issues in your commercial space, a typical issue is tripping the circuit breaker because your wiring is old and is not designed to handle the strain of more power-intensive uses that may be used as your business grows and power needs for everything grow greater with time.  Suppose your circuit breaker is tripping more than the normal periodic overload. In that case, it is best to have it inspected by a professional electrician and get set up to upgrade the wiring in your commercial space.

Damaged Wiring needs a Wiring Upgrade

 If you ever notice damage of any kind on wires throughout your commercial space, it is time to upgrade or repair those wires. While some damage such as that from rodents is isolated and can be easily fixed, some signs of wear are more telling of a more significant issue that would warrant a complete wiring upgrade.

Melted or frayed wiring is a serious safety issue and could be a sign that your electrical system is running too hot. This is a sign that you need to have your wiring system evaluated by a professional electrician to determine the extent of the damage.  In addition to melted wiring, exposed wiring is another safety issue that needs to be addressed immediately. 

Flickering lights

While lights sometimes flicker, especially in larger commercial spaces, consistent flickering from overhead lights could indicate that your circuit is overloaded. Loud buzzing, humming, or other noises when your lights are on is also a sign that something may be going awry in your wiring. When lights flicker, it can also cause overheating and sparking, which causes further safety issues. 

Your Electric Bill is Too High for Your Space

Electricity is a cost that every commercial space has to figure into its monthly expenses. However, you notice an extreme increase in your electrical bill, or if you feel that your power expenses are disproportionately high for the size of your space, it might be because your wiring is outdated. Hight costs associated with electrical issues are generally due to over-stressed circuit breakers or inefficient wiring that needs to be replaced. 

Your Commercial Electrical Panel is Hot

Commercial Electrical Fires
Blackened circuit board of an electrical cabinet

Heat is never something you never want to associate with anything related to the electrical wiring in your commercial space. If you notice that your electrical panel or light switches are warm to the touch, critical safety issues could be happening in your wiring. This is often a sign that your system is being over-stressed and is unable to handle the power usage that it is trying to output.

If you notice heat coming from your electrical panel or any light switches, call an electrician immediately to evaluate your wiring. Excessive heat can melt wiring insulation and cause sparks, which in turn lead to electrical fires. Electrical malfunctions account for a high rate of electrical fires due to sparks caused by overheating. 

 You Don’t Have Enough Outlets

Your business grows, and so does the number of things you need to have plugged in to keep your business running in your commercial space. If you find yourself of your employees fighting for outlets and stretching extension cords across your space, it’s time to reconfigure your wiring to make it work better for you. If you are using wall taps to give you more outlets, you could be stressing the existing wiring that is not built for additional power usage. A wiring upgrade can give you’re the opportunity to redesign your wiring and give you more effective outlets throughout your commercial space.

Your wiring is old

Wiring Upgrade

Older buildings were typically built with wiring systems built for the era they were installed in. Wiring systems 20 years old or older were designed when the demand for electricity from items in a commercial space was lower. If you haven’t upgraded your wiring or are moving into an older commercial space, it is important to get an inspection by a professional electrician. They will be able to talk to you about your power needs and recommend whether or not you need to upgrade your system to match those needs.

 In order for your business to be successful, your electrical wiring needs to do its job. A good wiring system is one that you don’t have to think about. If you are thinking about your wiring because things are hot, your circuit overloads or you simply don’t have enough power for your growing business; it’s time to upgrade!

 If you need help with a commercial rewire, contact us today to schedule an inspection, get a free quote, or speak to one of our certified electricians here at Tapps Electric.

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