Spring and Summer Electrical Safety Tips


Pacific Northwest spring and summer months are spectacular; the warmer weather is such a welcomed change for most people. Changing seasons also means there will be changes in electrical hazards. It is important to keep your electrical safety in mind as you head outside to enjoy the outdoors. Here, we will review some important electrical safety tips for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

Spring Safety Tips

Springtime often means spring cleaning and getting back outdoors to catch up on work that could not be completed during the colder winter months. Whether you are planning to work out in the yard, or you are sprucing up the outside of your commercial space, staying aware of electrical safety is important.


Springtime in the Pacific Northwest can get damp. So, be aware of the weather while you are working outside. Water and electricity don’t mix, so save your electrical work for a dry day. Even wet grass could pose a problem while you are using electricity, so be careful. In addition, don’t use power tools near water pipes or other water sources.

Tools and Appliances:

If it has been a while since you have pulled out the power tools or other outdoor appliances, make sure to inspect them closely for frayed cords or broken plugs. Do not use these products if you notice either of these issues, as it can be a fire hazard. Also, if you step away from your outdoor tools for a quick break, make sure to unplug everything. Never keep power tools plugged in if you are not using them. Here are some other things to consider when it comes to electricity and your tools:

  • Use ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) with your power tools to help avoid electric shock.
  • Use tools that have insulated grips for enhanced electrical safety.
  • Don’t use power tools that are tripping or malfunctioning. This could be a sign of an electrical issue that could be a safety hazard.

If you plan on getting on your ladder to clean out gutters, inspect your roof, or trim trees, don’t forget to keep it away from power lines. Any ladder that touches or even comes near an overhead power line could be fatal. Keep ladders at least 10 feet away from power lines and their connecting points.

Summer Safety Tips

Summertime in Pierce County can bring plenty of hot days. Many people take this as an opportunity to get out for boating, swimming, fishing, gardening, and more. It can be an active couple of months, but with that in mind, don’t let your guard down when it comes to electrical safety.

Air Conditioning and Fan Usage:

Your air conditioning unit or fans will become your best friends during the hottest days of the summer. Unfortunately, air conditioning systems and fans can be dangerous if they are not taken care of, or if you attempt to fix them yourself. First, if you plan to install a new air conditioning or fan in your home, make sure you hire an experienced, licensed electrician to work on any electrical projects associated with the project. Heating and cooling equipment should always be tuned-up by a professional. If a repair is needed, do not attempt it yourself. There are many complex parts that make up your air conditioning system and trying to fix it yourself could pose an electrocution risk or even risk of a fire if the system is repaired or fixed incorrectly.

Pool and Spa Usage:

If you have electrical cords near the pool, remove them immediately. All electrical devices and cords should be kept at least 10 feet away from your spa or pool. If you need to use an electrical device while you are inside the pool or spa, use a battery-operated device instead. If you plan on installing a pool or hot tub this summer, an electrician should install and inspect it to ensure it is code compliant.

Boat Usage:

Your boat and the dock carry electricity. Make sure that there is no faulty wiring or cords in, on, or around the boat or dock. With no visible warning, the water can become electric. If someone were to get into the water, they could become paralyzed and drown. Electric shock drowning is very serious and can be avoided by taking extra precautions while boating or entering a docking area.

The Tapps Electric team can help ensure you and your family are kept safe this spring and summer! Whatever project or outdoor activity you are getting ready for this season, our electricians can assist to make sure the electrical piece is safe and ready to go. Contact us today for details.

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