The Ultimate Guide to Tesla Charger Outdoor Installation

The Ultimate Guide to Tesla Charger Outdoor Installation

Thinking about a tesla charger outdoor installation?

With over 20,000 charging stalls worldwide, Tesla’s network of outdoor chargers is the most extensive in the world. The Supercharger network means that electric vehicle drivers can go almost anywhere without worrying about power. All across the United States, Tesla’s charging stations are in high demand.

To expand its network of Superchargers, Tesla has partnered with a range of commercial destinations. Commercial properties across America can now offer Tesla charging services to their customers.

Tesla charger outdoor installation aims to improve drivers’ access to vehicle power. But it could also introduce your commercial property to a whole new customer base.

If you think your property could benefit from Tesla charger outdoor installation, don’t hesitate: apply today. This post will help you through the application process, and introduce you to the many benefits of hosting a Tesla charger.

Tesla Charger Outdoor Installation Schemes

Over the years, Tesla has pioneered many schemes to expand its Supercharger network. Many of these schemes focus on installing Superchargers in partnership with commercial properties.

Tesla’s Workplace Charging Scheme provides free charging stations to workplaces. These stations are then installed in workplace parking lots. The workplaces supply the electricity, which allows their employees to charge their vehicles during the work day.

The Destination Charging scheme aims to reach drivers hoping to enjoy a day out. Under the scheme, Tesla provides its charging stations to locations like hotels and restaurants. These destinations can then offer charging services to visiting Tesla drivers.

Tesla is now reaching out to commercial property owners to install Commercial Charging. After installation, property managers supply electricity to the charging stations. They can also set the price of a charging session, generating large returns on the investment.

Why Host a Supercharger?

For commercial property managers, the advantages of hosting a Tesla charger are huge. The number of electric vehicles on the road is increasing year on year. Catering to the needs of electric vehicle drivers is a forward-thinking way to increase the value of your commercial property.

All Tesla vehicles come with navigation systems which can direct them to the nearest charging station. All you have to do is register with Tesla, and a new customer base will be directed straight to your property. You won’t need to promote your charging services, because Tesla will do it for you.

Once these new customers arrive, they will need to stay for the length of their charging session. That means they are more likely to spend money on your property. Even a short charging session is an opportunity for customers to explore any products or services on offer.

This is a real opportunity for any business hoping to attract a fresh, affluent client base. Electric vehicle drivers willing to pay for a Tesla car are likely to have more money to spend. As a Supercharger site, your business could increase its earnings significantly.

As a commercial property manager, you will have the authority to set the cost of each charging session. Tesla charger outdoor installation could open up a brand new revenue stream for your property.

Who Can Host a Supercharger?

Any commercial property which offers goods or services can apply to become a Supercharger site.

Tesla has been proactive in looking for Supercharger hosts in certain areas. California, in particular, has a high number of Tesla drivers, so demand for charging sites across the state is higher than elsewhere. But as Tesla continues to expand across the country, it needs charging sites everywhere.

You don’t need to own a major corporate franchise to host a Supercharger, either. Tesla has encouraged smaller businesses to reach out, too. This means that Tesla drivers can be directed to locally-owned businesses, and can support local business while they drive.

In short, any commercial property can apply to host a Tesla Supercharger. All you need is outdoor parking and access to electricity. The location of your property and the size of your business shouldn’t be a deterrent.

How to Become a Supercharger Site

Applying to host a Tesla charger on your commercial property is easier than ever.

All you have to do is place an order for Tesla chargers via their website. You will need to pay up-front to buy these chargers. However, the money you make from new customers and their charging sessions will recover those costs in no time.

You can work with a local electrician to install your chargers. Take the time to research electricians, and look for a service that offers Tesla charger installation. If you work with an electrician who knows the process well, you can enjoy peace of mind after installation is complete.

After installation, you should register for a listing on Tesla’s Find Us map. This will direct Tesla drivers to your property when they need to charge.

Now you can reap the benefits of your new charging stations.

Be Part of the Future of Driving

Electric vehicles are here to stay. Their popularity represents real opportunity for commercial property owners. Installing Tesla chargers could increase your customer base and unlock your property’s potential.

For your Tesla charger outdoor installation needs, consider Tapps Electric. Our team understands the process of installing commercial Tesla chargers and will carry out your work with the precision and care it deserves. We can help you boost your property’s value and become part of the future of driving.

Together, we can help you get the most out of your commercial property. Contact us today for an estimate.

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