Reasons to invest in security and surveillance systems

Security and Surveillance System

Security is one of the number one concerns of any business owner. Whether you are a large corporate business or a small family-owned company, the security and protection of your business are essential. Tapps Electric understands your concerns as a business owner and is prepared to help you take your business security to the next level.


Peace of Mind

Nothing is better than knowing that your business is protected and your assets are safe. The installation of a security and surveillance system means that you will be able always to keep an eye on your business even if you aren’t in the building. Tapps Electric can help keep your business secure with the installation of a security system. Our professional electricians will carefully and skillfully install your new security system with the safety and protection of your business in mind.


Minimization of Vandalism

In 2019 alone, property theft crimes resulted in a loss of 15.8 billion dollars in the United States. The loss prevention that a security system provides could save your company thousands or even millions of dollars. Vandalism and theft are hugely impactful for every level of business, and they can destroy the success of your business. Surveillance systems not only deter property crimes from happening in the first place, but when they do happen, you have all the evidence needed to report your case to law enforcement.  



Quick response from Authorities in Case of Emergency

An added benefit of a security and surveillance system is a quick response from Law enforcement and other first responders. In a typical high-end security system, emergency services will automatically be notified through the security system if there is a robbery, fire, flood, or other emergencies. An automatic response can save valuable time in getting any situation resolved quickly. After getting a security system properly installed by a trained electrician, you will be able to set the system up with the security company to set your preferences on when and how to call emergency services if there is no one else in the building.


Save on insurance

While the upfront cost of putting in a security system might seem high, businesses have hidden savings after the installation is complete. One benefit that many companies don’t know about or do not think about is that you can save on your business insurance when you have a security system. Businesses without security systems are considered high risk, and therefore they must pay more for insurance. Once you install your security system, you could save anywhere from 5- 20 percent on your monthly insurance bill.


Keep employees and customers safe

Security system keeps employee safe

While your investments and property are a top priority for any business owner, above all else is the safety of employees and customers. Security systems allow you to monitor what is happening in your business and alert others based on the security system. Being able to monitor what other people are doing as they enter and exit the building is critical to the safety of a business, its customers, and its employees.


Always know who is entering and exiting the building

Most security systems are able to be installed with entry keypads that allow people to turn the security system on and off or notify the system that someone is entering the building by entering a specific code. This will enable you to monitor who is coming and going into the building at any given time. You can monitor employees and have peace of mind that without the code, the alarms will go off within the building.


Tapps Electric is proud to have certified electricians who are able to install the best security systems for your business confidently. No matter how big or small, our electricians will work with you to help you decide on the best strategy and will schedule a time that works for you to have it installed. Our electricians work with integrity and the safety of your business in mind to make sure your security system is installed correctly, efficiently and is ready to protect you and your business.


Tapps Electric is not a security surveillance company. While we cannot offer assistant in monitoring your security system once it is installed, we are proud to be able to offer security installation on a wide range of business, commercial properties, industrial yards, and more. Tapps Electricians work in Tacoma, Puyallup, Sumner, Bonney Lake, and Lake Tapps. If you need a quote for a commercial security installation or have other questions about TE’s services, please give us a call at any time. 


No matter how big or small your security installation is, Tapps Electricians take pride in their work, and we look forward to helping your meet all of your security and electrical needs. 

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