5 Indoor Commercial LED Lighting Types

Indoor Commercial LED Lights

Commercial LED lighting comes in many forms and fixtures – and not all of them will be suitable for your business. Before you decide what lighting is right for your workplace, take a look at these indoor LED lighting options and benefits.

Purpose of Commercial LED Lighting

Commercial lighting is used for commercial workspaces like offices, retail, doctors’ offices, etc. LED commercial lighting offers businesses an energy-saving alternative to standard fluorescent lights that were commonly used in the past. Using LEDs not only saves your business money every month on utilities, but they also offer a more customizable lighting for your building.

Commercial LED lighting provides a more professional look to a business environment and has a longer lifespan. Additionally, since LEDs are substantially cooler than other bulb types, they’re also safer.

More details on Commercial LED lighting types below.

Troffer Lighting

A troffer is a square or rectangular light fixture that usually fits in a modular dropped grid ceiling. In the past, troffer fixtures were used more with fluorescent bulbs. Given the advances with energy efficient lighting, however, troffer lights are now designed in LED too!


  • Troffer light fixtures are often hidden from view.
  • Troffer lights have a lower heat emission.

Track Commercial LED Lighting

With track lighting, the fixtures are connected to a continuous track that contains electrical conductors. They’re often used for powering spotlights, pendant lights, and floodlights. Track lighting is typically mounted on ceilings or walls.


  • Track lights eliminate the need to wire fixtures individually.
  • Track lights are easier to adjust according to workplace needs.

Task Lights

Task lighting is a form of light dedicated to illuminating a specific area where you’re attempting to complete a task. This type of lighting is often used in workplaces where people spend greater time behind eye-straining computer monitors.


  • Task lighting is easily installable.
  • Task lights are far less stressful on retinas.

LED High Bay Lighting

These industrial lights are specifically used to illuminate larger spaces, like warehouses, with high ceilings. In addition to being perfect for warehouse lighting, they’re also used in other large businesses like grocery stores.


  • LED High Bay Lighting can be used in both commercial and industrial settings.
  • They Provide more light overall with less distracting glare.

Lay-In Lighting Fixtures

These light fixtures account for the majority of lights used in drop ceiling settings in the United States. They provide a cleaner, more professional look to the workplace and serve as an excellent replacement for recessed fluorescent lighting.


  • Great for offices and similar workplaces.
  • Come in a variety of different sizes and shapes.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Commercial LED Lighting

Before you decide on what style of lighting you want for your business, there are several factors to consider. The best choice will largely depend on what your business does as well as the layout of your building.

Other factors to consider include:

Lighting Color Temperature

To maximize workplace efficiency, you need to pick the right color temperature of your business lighting. Some business settings call for cooler color temperature lighting, while others need something warmer to create more ambiance.


Lumens = brightness, so choosing lights with the appropriate lumens is another factor to deciding what’s best for your business. Something too bright can cause eyestrain, while something too dim can have the same effect.

Direct or Indirect Ceiling Lights

One major benefit to ceiling lights is that you can choose whether they provide direct or indirect lighting. Direct light refers to the light being focused on a specific space, while indirect light illuminates a larger area by focusing light upwards to bounce off walls and ceilings. What you need will depend on whether your focus is highlighting a specific area or illuminating an entire space.

LED Commercial Lighting Price

Your budget is also something to consider when choosing commercial LED lighting for your business. While LEDs can be more expensive initially, they will save you money on those costly energy bills every month. 

Additionally, Tacoma Public Utilities has rebates programs that may cover up to 100% of a project cost to install LEDs. 

Bottom Line

There are many forms of LED light fixtures to choose from when deciding what’s best for your business. Consider your lighting needs, daily operations, and building layout to get a better idea of what’s best for you.

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