4 Signs of Electrical Problems

Knowing how to spot signs of electrical issues in your commercial building can keep you, your products, and your employees safe from the potential dangers of electric shock or fires. There are a lot of causes of electrical fires, but did you know that according to the National Fire Protection Association, fires involving electrical failures or malfunctions accounted for the highest share of civilian deaths (18%). Here are some tips on how to spot the signs of electrical problems.

#1: Tripped circuit breakers.

It is normal for circuit breakers to trip periodically. To keep your business safe, they are designed to turn off the power if the system is overloaded, or if it senses a safety issue. Most of the time, the breaker can just be switched back on, but if you are noticing that it keeps tripping, there could be something dangerous going on with the wiring in the building. If you have an old breaker or an outdated electrical panel, it is best to have a professional inspection from a licensed electrician to help diagnose prospective problems.

#2: Flickering lights.

If you hear buzzing in the lights or have lights that regularly flicker when you turn them on – especially if you are running machinery or multiple pieces of office equipment at the same time – there may be a problem with your electrical wiring. If your lights flicker for no reason at all, it could indicate that the circuit is overloaded, that there is a poor connection that could also cause overheating or sparking, or that there is a problem with the light fixture or electrical switch.

#3: Electrical outlet issues.

If you touch an electrical outlet and it feels hot or warm to the touch, it is best to stop using it and call an electrician immediately. Outlets should never be warm or hot and if there are signs of scorching or burning, this could mean that there are melted wires or a bad connection. Both are signs of a serious safety issue.

#4: Damaged wiring.

Have you noticed frayed or melted wires, or electrical work that is clearly defective? Preventing damage from rodents outside of your warehouse or commercial building is one way to keep your electrical wiring intact. Not sure if you have rodents wreaking havoc with your wires? Make sure to look for bite marks on wires or take note of any debris or droppings that may be present. Wires could also be damaged from an amateur electrician or a do-it-yourself businessowner. If you notice any wires that show any metal, or there are dangling wires, there might be a problem that needs to be addressed.

Most of all, resist the urge to try to fix any electrical problems yourself. It always pays off being safe and vigilant when it comes to electrical safety at your business. Attempting to tackle the problem by yourself could be dangerous and make the situation worse or more expensive in the long run.

Need help fixing an electrical issue in your warehouse or commercial building? When it comes to diagnosing electrical problems, make sure you talk to a professional, licensed electrician. Our team at Tapps Electric has the experience and training you can trust. Whether it’s your lights that keep flickering persistently, an outdated panel that needs attention, or something else that needs to be looked at, contact us today to get your electrical system working safely and reliably, so you can continue to work without interruption.

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