Everything you need to know about retrofitting lighting in your commercial building


Just like computer technology continues to change and evolve, so does lighting technology. Thankfully, this new technology brings energy savings, which can save you significant money in overhead costs. Considering updating your lighting with an experienced Tacoma electrician? Here’s everything you need to know about lighting retrofit.

What does it mean to retrofit your building with new lights?
A lighting retrofit is simple: it is a simple upgrade to your lamps and light fixtures, with the goal of increasing energy efficiency. If your lighting is over a decade old, if your employees or tenants are complaining about low-quality lighting, or you are tired of trying to stay on top of all the maintenance of traditional fluorescent lighting, considering a lighting retrofit may be a good option for you.

What are the benefits of lighting retrofit?
Before you embark on a large lighting upgrade, it is important to do your research. Here are some of the primary advantages of a lighting retrofit completed by an experienced Tacoma electrician.


Benefit #1: Positive environmental impact.

Sometimes, less is better – especially when it comes to doing your part to help conserve the Earth’s resources. By retrofitting your building with new lights, you will use less energy and there will be less waste being poured into local landfills from old, inefficient light bulbs that need to be replaced all the time.

Benefit #2: Enhanced savings.

As with any upgrade or renovation project for your commercial building, there will be costs involved. However, much of the costs to update your building to include more energy-efficient lighting can be regained over time. Imagine how nice it will be to pay lower utility bills every month! The change will be significant and the reduction in energy bill costs is something to celebrate.

Benefit #3: Improved safety.

The safety of the people that work or visit your commercial building is of utmost importance. Outdated lighting systems may be at greater risk for breaking down or having electrical issues. New, updated lighting will help cut down on safety incidents – especially when it comes to changing old lightbulbs. Knowing that things are operating as safely as possible gives you, your tenants, visitors, and your employees peace of mind.


Benefit #4: Rebates and incentives.

Did you know that there are often local or federal tax incentives, rebates and utility rebates for lighting retrofit projects? This will help offset the upfront costs associated with your lighting upgrade!

Benefit #5: Greater property value.

Buildings that have been updated have greater potential to sell faster and reap greater returns when it comes time to sell. A lighting project, especially when completed with other renovations to your commercial space, can help bolster property value.

Benefit #6: Higher quality lighting.

A light and bright workspace increases productivity. New retrofitted lighting will give you better quality lighting so you and your employees can get their jobs done efficiently. If you have tenants in the space, they will appreciate the enhanced lighting quality, too!

Benefit #7: Customizable lighting solutions.

We understand that all lighting projects are different and that each commercial building is uniquely laid out. We will ensure that your project is kept within your building’s specific design and customize the lighting as needed.

As a commercial building owner or operator, you know how important it is to reduce overhead costs and save money whenever possible. Upgrading the lighting in your commercial building is a worthwhile investment. Saving energy is a big deal and knowing that you will likely offset the cost of the upgrade over time helps make the decision to upgrade your lighting easier. Not to mention, the quality of lighting will

drastically improve, and you will be doing something that enhances your building’s value. That is a win-win situation all around!

So, contact our experienced team of Tacoma electricians at Tapps Electric today to learn if your commercial space is a candidate for a retrofitted lighting upgrade. We will make sure to do a walk through of the area and look closely at the different nuances of your space to make sure everything is covered.

When you are ready to get your commercial lighting retrofit project started, we will be there to help! Our skilled and professional electricians will make sure to go over the details and make sure you have all your questions answered before we get started, too. We will work with your budget and your schedule to find a convenient time to complete the upgrade, with very minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations in your commercial space.


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