Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Local Commercial Electrician


If you own a business or oversee commercial properties in Pierce County, there is a good chance you have considered hiring an electrician for some of your electrical needs. Your business is your livelihood and ensuring that the building and the people that work inside of it are safe is of utmost importance. This is especially true if you are considering a company remodel, renovation, or other project that requires some revamping of the space. Hiring an experienced local commercial electrician is one of the best things you can do. Here, we will discuss the reasons why.

#1: Electrical codes.

As a business owner, you already have a lot on your plate. There is already a lot to manage and oversee and worrying about electrical codes and regulations probably isn’t high on your to-do list. A commercial electrician can alleviate that burden. Codes are modified regularly and require the unique skills of qualified electricians to complete the job correctly. It is quite common for inspectors to ‘fail’ many commercial projects for not meeting code requirements. By hiring a commercial electrician, you will have the peace of mind that everything is completed within code compliance so there are no surprises later.

#2: Specialized skill and training.

All electricians learn the same basic skills. However, commercial union electricians are some of the most highly skilled electricians. That’s because their training is job-specific and requires additional training and preparation as an apprentice. Commercial electricians are also certified by the state and complete various courses to receive licensure. In Washington, an electrician must receive licensure through the Washington. To obtain an apprentice license, they must register with the state and annually report hours that are worked. Those that choose to get journeyman status must graduate from an apprentice program or work under a journeyman electrician for four years. The extensive amount of time spent completing this hands-on training allows electricians to get the specialized skill they need to be equipped to handle a wide variety of commercial projects – big or small.

#3: Identifying electrical hazards.

Workplace safety is of extreme importance. Commercial electricians are trained to spot potential safety hazards in your work environment, including those that might be hidden or not easily detected. Having our team of Tacoma electricians at Tapps Electric do a thorough inspection of the space will help minimize the risk of electrical fires or injuries..

Review from Slat Track: “Excellent professional service. Corrected a few electrical wiring issues from the past that could have been serious safety issues. Technician was friendly, knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. Cleaned up after himself and definitely improved our place. Would recommend them based on the quality of work, friendly service and fair cost.

#4: Cost.

Oftentimes, businessowners assume that they can save money by avoiding hiring professional electricians. Unfortunately, this is not true. Do-it-yourself electrical projects are not only dangerous, but if they are not completed correctly, they will cause damage to electrical devices or the structure of a building. That translates to expensive repairs and even bigger monetary loss. Our experienced commercial electricians at Tapps Electric guarantee their work and can complete the work quickly and accurately. That saves you money in the long run.

Review from Thomas Ness: “They came in and immediately identified the problem, they had the parts necessary to fix it too, so they didn’t need to make us wait or come back another day. The technician was very nice and considerate, he even explained stuff to us so we could save money in the future.”

#5: Project variety.

Commercial electricians stand by their quality of workmanship. That’s because they know how important an electrical system is for a business to operate smoothly. For example, maybe you need new lighting installed in your workspace. Proper lighting and visibility are a critical part of creating a safe work environment, so your employees can complete their work to the best of their ability. Or maybe you need help with wiring for a

new conveyor system to increase workflow efficiency. Commercial electricians can handle different projects, no matter how intricate or challenging it may seem.

Without electricity, things can’t get done. Reliable electricity keeps your company working seamlessly, secures the workplace, and provides a more comfortable environment. So, if you want to keep company operations efficient and protected, it is important to invest in a commercial electrician to handle all your electrical needs.

The Tapps Electric team specializes in various commercial electric work and has experience working on projects of all shapes and sizes. No matter what your commercial project requires, our team of qualified commercial electricians can assist. Contact us today for details.

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