5 Signs That Your Commercial Electrician Is Incompetent

Electrical Troubleshooting

When a fixture in your business or commercial building needs to be fixed or you have a larger electrical project going on, you simply don’t have time to deal with an incompetent electrician. The best way to ensure you have a reliable commercial electrician is to know the signs of a bad one. What are these signs? Below are five clues that your commercial electrician might not be up to snuff.

#1: Poor Workmanship

An irresponsible electrician does not care about how their work reflects their company or their personal work ethic. They likely won’t consider how the work can impact the customer’s lives or business, so they just do the job quickly and haphazardly. This kind of work not only wastes your hard-earned money, but it also means you, your building, and your employees could be at risk for electrical injury or even a fire. According to data from FEMA and the U.S. Fire Administration, in a two year time period, over 100,000 nonresidential building fires happened in the United States. It’s estimated that fires at commercial properties cost owners over 2.4 billion dollars each year.

#2: Unsafe Work Environment

Professional electricians are incredibly careful and methodical with their approach and take great care of ensuring they create a safe space to complete the job. If the electrician appears sloppy in how they are completing the job and doesn’t clean up the mess once the task is over, chances are, you’ve hired a lazy electrician that may not care about their quality of work or the potential negative long-term impact.

#3: Improper Wiring Connections

Electrical work is very precise, and shortcuts should never be taken. If you notice improper wiring connections, see that there are exposed wires after the job is complete, or realize that codes haven’t been met, you probably have a lazy electrician on your hands. A professional electrician will gladly explain the work they did to you and answer questions about basic building or city codes that need to be followed. If there is an issue with improper wiring, the electrician should volunteer to fix it immediately.

#4: Unexplained Electrical Problems

Electrical problems cost your business money and time. If there continue to be electrical issues after the electrician has left, this could be a red flag. If the electrician refuses to give you clear answers, belittles you or treats you with impatience, or makes you feel uncomfortable when you’re asking questions, you should probably cut ties with them and hire a new electrician altogether.

#5: Unlicensed Contractor

An unlicensed contractor is essentially a scammer or fraud. Their work is uncertified and could be putting your commercial property and your employees in danger. When getting quotes from contractors or electricians, ask for their electrical license number or have them direct you to where they have that information displayed. Sometimes it is listed on their work vehicles or their website. If that information isn’t available or they withhold it from you, it may be a bad sign. Unlicensed contractors may also ask for a lot of money up front or may ask you to pull construction permits for them. If you do that, you could be liable for the electrical project, including any mistakes they make along the way.

At Tapps Electric, you can always expect highly skilled licensed electricians, quality workmanship that you can rely on, and integrity. Our licensed and bonded electricians have the training and tools needed to complete the job safely and efficiently. Contact us today to talk to us about your commercial electric project.

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