Ways to Prevent Commercial Electrical Fires

Commercial Electrical Fires

Commercial fires happen regularly and unfortunately, electrical systems are often to blame. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, electrical systems are one of the top five causes of commercial building fires. That means millions of dollars of property damage occurs and people have lost their lives. It is important to do whatever you can to prevent commercial electrical fires. This starts with understanding the causes, then making sure you follow through with all fire prevention strategies.

Faulty Electrical Outlets:

Electrical fires are commonly started from faulty, worn-out electrical outlets. These outlets might have sockets that are old and are not grounded properly. The older they are, the more worn the wiring gets. Worn wiring loosens over time and could break or fray, which can cause a fire. If you notice any burnt spots, sparks, or the devices that are plugged into that outlet continue to flicker, stop using them and call the professionals at Tapps Electric. This is a simple fix that could keep your building and your employees protected.

Outdated Electrical System:

As your building ages, so does its electrical system, and sometimes, the appliances and technology that you are using for your business is too much for an older electrical system. If you notice that your circuit breaker overloads often, that you have recurring power outages, your electronics feel hot, or you notice a burning smell, call a professional electrician immediately to examine your electrical panel and the wires in your building.

Prevention Strategies:

Maintenance: In addition to staying on top of your electrical system maintenance and fixing all faulty outlets, make sure all of your fire equipment is accessible for your employees. Keep smoke alarm batteries changed regularly, and check to ensure all fire extinguishers are available for use. Don’t block fire exists or sprinklers, either. Hindering your equipment could be a big problem if a fire occurs.

Cleanliness: Keeping a clean environment that safely disposes of hazardous, flammable equipment is very important. Clutter, especially materials like paper, boxes, paint, and other products, are fire hazards and should be disposed in the right way.

Protection: Unfortunately, some businesses fall prey to arson. That’s why it is also important to invest in proper building security with a reliable surveillance system and security cameras. Tapps Electric proudly employs certified electricians who can install the best security systems for your business quickly and efficiently. Whether you have a small, family-owned business, or you manage a large corporation, our electricians will work with you to help you decide on the best strategy. Then, we will schedule a time that works for you to have it installed.

Guidelines: OSHA provides a set of rules and guidelines to ensure fire protection and safety, and it is critical that you and your team of employees at your commercial building follow those. These safety standards and regulations are established to help businesses better prevent fires in the workplace. Make a checklist to confirm that all requirements are being met.

Tapps electricians take pride in their work. We have the expertise and training you can trust to make sure your commercial building is safe and secure. Contact us today for an electrical system inspection or replacement, or to talk about security options for your building. We look forward to helping your meet all your security and electrical needs.

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