5 Reasons to Hire an Electrician When Rewiring Your Home

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Whether you are moving into an older home or simply looking to refurbish your current home, electrical rewiring is a critical piece of any residential remodel. Whether you are only remodeling one room or a whole house, there are bound to be sockets that need to be moved, appliances that have new homes, and the potential for even bigger electrical changes once you start looking at older wiring and begin rewiring your home.

If you are DIY a remodel, it can seem like rewiring your home yourself from start to finish is the best idea but hiring a professional electrician when remodeling your home is extremely important.  Professional Electricians are trained to handle all electrical jobs, big or small. They are certified to make the most competent and most cost-effective decisions when it comes to your home remodel. 

#1 Safety Comes First

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The top priority when completing any electrical job is safety.  Your home and your family are the most crucial aspect of your project. Wiring mistakes are common, and if left unchecked, they can lead to short circuits, system breakdowns, and even building fires.  Electrical malfunctions cause a staggering 9.2% of fires in one and two-family home fires.  Non-code compliant installations were one of the top causes of home electrical fires.

By hiring one of Tapps Electric’s certified electricians to complete your rewire during your model, you are investing in the peace of mind for your family’s safety and the safety of your home. We inspect old wiring, work with you to redesign your new dream home with the correct wiring, and help mitigate any mistakes that lead to issues down the road. While electrical fires are rare, losing power during cold winter months or the summer heat is also a significant safety concern.  We will update your electrical system to the highest safety and building codes to ensure it lasts for years to come.

#2 Getting it done right the first time

While taking on a DIY home remodel may be your dream project to tackle this year, electrical work is precise. It requires training and understanding of home safety and electrical grids to get the job done correctly. Instead of spending weeks tearing out old wiring, trying to move light switches, and fighting with appliance hookups, a professional electrician can get these projects done in a few days instead of weeks or months. Professional electricians are convenient; you can focus on the design of your beautiful new space while a trained professional handle the intricate details of rewiring your home to match your masterpiece. 

#3 Efficiency when rewiring your home

Here at Tapps Electric, we have heard time and time again from our residential clients that they wished they had called us earlier. Instead of trying themselves to deal with electrical wiring that they didn’t understand and causing issues and mistakes in their home and then calling us to fix it, they would have called our number, to begin with. Our team prides itself on saving your time, worry, and stress. We are happy to provide free quotes and walk you through every step of the process. We hate to see clients have to wait to get into their dream space because the electrical work needs an overhaul due to remodeling mistakes. 

#4 Effectiveness 

While you may be excited to take on every aspect of your home remodel by yourself, it is unfortunate when there are no working plugins in the master bedroom, there is no overhead lighting wire in the main hallways or there is no outlet in your kitchen where you want to put your oven. From mitigating mistakes, safety issues, and more to helping install effective lighting and more efficient electrical panels, trained technicians are able to create a more effective electrical model for your remodel. 

#5 Cost and Worth

In addition to solving the problems above, professional electricians can also help to make your home more cost-effective. After your free quote, we will help to make sure your progress is as cost-effective as possible while also making sure that your rewire does not need to be redone. We want your home model to last your generations and by skipping the shoddy home rewire jobs and friend of friend handyman, you are saving yourself money in the long run. 


While flipping houses and DIY home remodels are growing in popularity, electrical fires, power outages, faulty wiring, and electrical that are not up to code are not. There is nothing fun about spending your decorating money on fixing wiring or having to go back later to fix it. Professional electricians can help make every step of the electrical side of a home remodel go smoothly. Tapps Electric is excited to help make your home remodel come to life. Give us a call today or visit our website to get a free quote.  


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