What is High Bay Lighting?

high bay lighting

High bay led lights and low bay lighting are popular lighting choices for commercial and industrial buildings. These fixtures are used to illuminate large spaces like warehouses, factories, gymnasiums, processing plants, or other manufacturing facilities. They are commonly used because of their heavy-duty lighting capabilities and ability to distribute light well in large, open areas with tall ceilings. How do you know if you need high bay lights versus low bay lights? Here, we will discuss the differences so you can determine which choice is right for you.

Differences Between Low Bay Lights and High Bay Led Lighting:

More and more businesses are upgrading their lighting solutions, getting rid of their traditional lights and integrating new, energy efficient systems. In fact, the commercial lighting market is projected to reach over $21 billion by 2025. New LED lights will save money on energy usage and will last longer, too. These lights are the future of lighting and the Department of Energy anticipates that by 2035, LED lights will be the most installed lights.

For ceilings that are between 20 and 45 feet, led high bay lights are the most popular choice – especially when it comes to warehouse lighting. Low bay lights are used in homes and other businesses with ceilings that are between 12 and 20 feet. The lights also differ in strength. Low bay lights are below 100 watts, whereas high bay lights are 150 watts or higher. This ensures that they will illuminate the space well, reaching the areas that need light the most. High bay lights are also generally hung from the ceiling using a hook, pendant, or chain, whereas low bay lights are suspension mounted.

High bay lights are also constructed with special reflectors which ensures that the light is distributed to the floor evenly. These lights are also available in different types, including round, linear, architectural, and grid-mount. Each of these has unique coverage, so research which type is best for your building’s specific layout. One of the biggest benefits of high bay lighting is its ability to provide clear, uniform lighting with little glare.


Why It’s Important to Pick the Right Type of Lighting

When it comes to your commercial or warehouse building, it is important that you have the proper amount of lighting for safety purposes. For example, if you use low bay lighting in an area that needs high bay lighting, the space will lack proper visibility and could pose a safety threat. The same goes if you choose high bay lighting in an area that doesn’t need it. It could not only cause too much brightness, but it could cost more for you to use the lights, ultimately impacting your operating costs.

Talking to an experienced team of commercial electricians that is well-versed in installing high bay and low bay lighting is important. This will help you determine which option is right for your unique space. At Tapps Electric, our licensed and bonded electricians will provide you with high bay lighting solutions from the best manufacturers in the industry. We take all the installation details into account and will ensure things are installed with the highest attention to detail. Contact our team today to talk to us about your project.


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