Tips for Upgrading Your Parking Lot Lighting

parking lot lighting

Your company’s parking lot is an essential part of your business. It gives your customers and employees a way to conveniently park and access your building. So, making sure it is clean and well-lit is important. This not only adds to the curb appeal of your business, but it ensures that the area is safe for the people using it. Without the right lighting, your parking lot could turn into a liability. Here are some tips for upgrading your parking lot lighting, so it is safe, easily usable, and discourages criminal activity.

Tip #1: Upgrade light fixtures.

A 2019 report from the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs shows that 4.8% of burglaries happen in parking lots and parking garages. Overall, 28.6% of burglary incidents happened in various places of business. Installing exterior LED lights can deter people from breaking and entering your building. That is why adding outdoor LED flood light bulbs is a great idea. They outlive other bulbs, often lasting for many years! These bulbs also use less energy than regular flood light bulbs, so you can save money over time on utility bills. Not only that, but these lights are also durable and withstand various types of weather changes.

Make sure you have your lighting fixtures inspected regularly to ensure they are running efficiently as possible and using the latest technology. This ensures that you are getting maximum use out of your lighting system. If it has been a while since your lighting system has been replaced, let our team of commercial electricians at Tapps Electric help. No matter what type of bulb you need for your specific space, we can find and install the exterior LED lights that will fit.

Tip #2: Add sensors.

Having motion sensor lights on your parking lot allows you to use your lighting system to your advantage. Sensors that respond to movement can be a great way to deter people that may be lurking on your property. You can easily program the sensors to turn the lights off and on based on your company’s needs and schedule. This enhances the safety of the property and helps you save money, because you won’t be spending extra money on light when you don’t need it.

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Tip #3: Inspect the area.

Once you have the right lighting installed, check around the parking lot regularly to ensure there are no obstructions to the lights. Tree branches, leaves, or other objects could cast shadows or completely block the lights. This not only defeats the purpose of quality lighting, but it also creates the opportunity for property damage, theft, or unsafe parking conditions.

Thinking of an exterior lighting upgrade for your parking garage or parking lot? Take advantage of rebates from Tacoma Public Utilities. Doing this could provide up to 100% rebates for lighting upgrades for your office, warehouse, or commercial building.

No matter how big or small your space is, our team of Tacoma electricians at Tapps Electric will get the lighting installed with quality and precision. Contact us today for questions about your commercial electrical project.

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