5 Signs Your Commercial Property Needs an Electrical Renovation

electrical renovation

Did you know that about 1,000 deaths occur each year as a result of electrical injuries?

While electricity has become a vital part of businesses, poor electrical systems can increase the risk of injuries on your property. If your commercial building is older, chances are the electrical systems were designed with old wiring and possibly when the electricity demand was lower.

Having old wiring can be hazardous for you and your employees. What’s more, it can increase your electricity bill. This is why you need an urgent electrical renovation.

However, it can be hard to know when your commercial building is due for an electrical upgrade.

Below are some tell-tale signs that your commercial property needs rewiring.

1. Tripping Circuit Breakers

Frequently tripping breakers is one of the most common electrical glitches you’re likely to experience in your commercial property. It may be due to circuit overloads, ground faults, and short circuits.

A short circuit can occur when the live and neutral wires come into contact, triggering more current to flow through the circuit. In case the current rises past the required levels, it generates a lot of heat, and as a result, the breaker trips.

Faulty ground happens when the live and hot wires come into contact with the earth’s system. Instead of leading excess current away through the earth system, it’s fed back into the circuit. This increases electricity flows through the circuit, causing the breaker to trip.

You can also cause your circuit breaker to trip when you drain more electricity than a particular line is engineered to provide. It often occurs if you plug in heavy machinery or high-wattage appliances simultaneously.

Failing to fix this issue increases the risk of a fire hazard within your building. It’s always advisable to consult a qualified commercial electrician so you can examine all of your options. While a simple circuit breaker can work, it may be necessary to upgrade your wiring or add an extra circuit to solve the problem.

2. Dimming or Flickering Lights

Commercial buildings need to have functioning light bulbs to complete daily operations. However, dimming and flickering lights can affect productivity.

This problem may be due to aging light bulbs, which you can easily fix by replacing them with new ones. But if the issue occurs across larger parts of the building, it is a sign of bigger problems. Your property may have faulty or damaged wiring and circuits.

Waiting too long to fix this issue can damage your entire electrical system and even cause a fire. It’s crucial to get in touch with a professional electrical renovation contractor as soon as possible. They will identify the cause of the problem and repair it in time, preventing costly damages.

3. Strange Sounds and Smells

Notice a constant buzzing, hissing, or crackling sound coming from your commercial electrical panel?

These noises may indicate bad wiring, overload, or loose connection and call for prompt electrical upgrades. Apart from strange sounds, unpleasant odors coming from your electrical panel are a sign of trouble. Here are two common electrical panel smells that indicate something is wrong:

Unusual Smell

Your commercial electrical wiring is often coated with plastic insulation and treated with chemicals. If it overheats, you may experience a smell of fish in the air. Some possible causes of the smell include circuit overloads, inadequate electrical panels, loose electrical connections, and power surges.

Burning Smell

A burning smell signifies a failure of the circuit breaker or a loose wire to a circuit breaker. It’s often accompanied by buzzing. Whatever the cause of the strange smells and sounds, it is important to call an electrician as soon as possible. If left unchecked, it may result in an electrical fire.

4. Failed Outlets and Old Wiring

Old commercial buildings can be beautiful and retain high property value. But they aren’t built to anticipate the electrical needs of the 21st century. Dead outlets and old wiring are common electrical issues for these types of buildings.

Outdated wiring usually occurs due to the tear and wear of wires after years of use. While it may not pose a threat to your building and its occupants, it can greatly affect productivity.

For instance, too many dead outlets will force occupants to look for ways to plug in their appliances in the few available sockets. As a result, it can lead to constantly tripping circuit breakers. What’s more, they can only run a few appliances at a time, reducing work efficiency.

If you own an older property with dead outlets, you need an electrical upgrade. Depending on the severity of the damage, your contractor will recommend quick electrical repairs or a complete overhaul of your wiring system.

5. Recent Infrastructure Damage

Sometimes you may need to make changes to your electrical system after unexpected damages. Your commercial building may need electrical upgrades if it’s been through:

Flood or Storm Damage

Storms can damage not only power lines but also cables inside your commercial property. Flooding can also impact your underground electrical connections, causing dangerous electrical discharge. What’s more, water exposure puts your appliances and devices at risk of short-circuiting.

If your electrical system has been negatively impacted by a storm, you may need a full-service electrical renovation.

Pest Infestation

No commercial property owner wants to have to deal with a rodent infestation. These annoying pests not only leave droppings everywhere and spread disease but also damage your electrical systems. Rats and mice have sharp teeth that constantly chew through cords in the floors and walls of your building.

If you’ve had to call an exterminator to get rid of the rodents, you should also contact an electrician to handle the electrical damage.

Get Thorough and Professional Electrical Renovation Experts

Commercial buildings tend to need much more electrical power than residential spaces. As technology grows, so does the load on your electrical systems. This calls for an electrical panel upgrade.

If you’ve experienced one of the signs mentioned above, it may be time for an electrical renovation. At Tapps Electric, we have qualified union electricians who deliver quality and reliable electrical work. Get your free estimate today.

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