Low Voltage Wiring

At Tapps Electric, our experienced electricians offer a variety of low voltage wiring and smart home services for both homeowners and businesses. Let’s take a closer look at what low voltage wiring is and how you may benefit from it.

What is Low Voltage Wiring?

Low voltage wiring is the electrical network foundation upon which digital technology and communication equipment functions efficiently and consistently. Wiring applications often contain complex wiring systems such as Network data, telephone, Wi-Fi access, HD video, audio systems, and computer networking systems. All of these components require a wiring network that is separate and apart from standard electrical wiring.

Not all electricians are capable of installing low voltage wiring applications and devices. Low voltage wiring requires the experience and knowledge of a Washington certified EL06 technician who specializes in setting up an entire low voltage network throughout a building. In some cases, the cabling infrastructure will have to be configured to accommodate varying capacities across multiple facilities. Only a trained and seasoned technician can handle a network of this magnitude. When the job is complete the low voltage wiring system should be equipped to handle additional electrical equipment upgrades down the road as well ensure that the system is safe and well organized.

Low Voltage Wiring Applications

One of the greatest benefits of low voltage wiring is that it can be utilized in a number of different applications in almost any type of residential or commercial building. We are pleased to offer a variety of low voltage wiring applications including.

What to Expect

If you hire one of our highly skilled, union trained electricians to perform low voltage wiring work in your home or business, you can expect the job to be done promptly without any oversight. We’ll use the most advanced tools, technology, and electrical products and ensure you’re left 100% satisfied..

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