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If you are looking for quality industrial electric service providers in Sumner, WA, Tapps Electric Heating & Air is the best company for you. We offer a wide range of Sumner industrial electric services.

Therefore, you can work with us from the start of your project to the finish. This is important for several reasons. Firstly, working with a single Sumner industrial electric service provider saves you a lot of time and money.

This is because you do not need to look for and assess multiple service providers, which can be quite resource-consuming. Secondly, when you choose one Sumner industrial electric service provider, you can be rest assured that you will get uniform services.

We take all our Sumner industrial electric service providers through rigorous training to ensure uniformity in our services. Finally, working with a multiple service Sumner industrial electric company like us helps create a long-lasting relationship, which can benefit you in the future.

A list of our Sumner industrial electric services include:

  • Conduit installation
  • Machine guarding
  • Communication and data wiring
  • Network racking

Contact Tapps Electric Heating & Air today for the most reliable Sumner industrial electric services.

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Sumner Industrial Electrician


Are you in need of industrial electrical services? If so, Tapps Electric Heating & Air will put you in touch with a reliable Sumner industrial electrician.

Our company prides itself in offering the highest quality and fastest services. Therefore, when you reach us, we will ensure that you talk to a reliable Sumner industrial electrician as soon as possible. Normally, we ensure that we reach our aspiring customers within an hour of their getting in touch with us.

After this, our Sumner industrial electrician will assess your needs and offer an estimate for our services.

The beauty of working with a Sumner industrial electrician from our company is that you do not pay for our estimates. Unlike other companies, we give all aspiring clients free estimates and can begin work on the same day, depending on your needs.

Therefore, look no more if you want cost-efficient and high-quality services because it does not get better than this.

Our Sumner industrial electrician offers services like:

  • Variable frequency drive installation
  • Variable frequency drive troubleshooting
  • Switchgear testing
  • Switchgear cleaning

Call Tapps Electric Heating & Air today to get in touch with an efficient Sumner industrial electrician!

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Sumner Industrial Electricians


Looking for dependable Sumner industrial electricians? You have come to the right company. Tapps Electric Heating & Air is a family-owned business that prides itself on multiple values that will prove beneficial to your business.

One of our most dominant values is quality. Therefore, we only work with the best Union Sumner industrial technicians.

Before bringing our Sumner industrial technicians on board, we conduct rigorous interviews and thoroughly assess their credentials. We only work with individuals with credentials from recognized institutions.

Further, we conduct background checks on all our potential Sumner industrial electricians before hiring them to ensure our clients’ safety. In most cases, we contact former employers to understand the kind of services our potential Sumner industrial electricians offer.

Only those with the best reviews get to join our team of Sumner industrial electricians.

A list of services to expect from our Sumner industrial electricians include:

  • Buss way design
  • Buss way installation
  • New panel installation
  • Retrofit upgrades

Talk to us at Tapps Electric Heating & Air to reach a dedicated team of Sumner industrial electricians.

(253) 993-4626

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