Hot Tub Wiring

Your Hot Tub or Spa is a wonderful relaxing addition to your home

Welcome to Tapps Electric, where we provide professional hot tub wiring in Western, WA. If you just purchased a hot tub but need a hot tub electrician to help you wire it, we are your best option. Apart from wiring your hot tub, a lot more goes into properly installing it. Some of the various things you need to take into account include zoning approval, electrical installation, and inspection. If you’re not a qualified hot tub electrician, then you should leave the installation process to the professionals. It should be of no surprise that water and electricity aren’t a good combination. It’s absolutely imperative that everything is done properly, without any mistakes, or it could cost your or someone else’s life. Take the headache and discomfort out of the installation process by hiring our licensed, bonded, and insured professional electricians for your hot hub wiring and electrical installation.

What Our Services Encompass

You want to ensure you install your hot tub not only safely and correctly, but also with proper power handling equipment. Hot tubs have high energy demands, requiring the right output source. With our hot tub electrical installations, the following is included:

  • Choose a location that will be the most appealing while still being within any required clearances
  • Ensure that your circuit breaker and electrical panel has enough power and space to handle the new hot tub load
  • Ground and Bond all metallic parts in and around your hot tub/spa according to local codes
  • Install all shut-offs and safety devices
  • Wire the hot tub or spa according to all manufacturer recommendations and local electric codes

To allow your hot tub installation to be 100% worry-free, make sure you contact a professional. To get started with Tapps Electric service for hot tub wiring in Western, WA, make sure to contact us at (253) 344-4622 today.

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