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Electrical Remodeling Services

If you’ve been searching for a company that offers high-quality, reliable electrical remodeling in Western, WA, Tapps Electric is your only solution. Tapps Electric is a family-owned and -operated business. Our top priority is ensuring our clients are satisfied every time. We cater to projects of all shapes and sizes. Our team has numerous years of experience in the industry, which allows us to be the preferred choice. All our electricians are trained union professionals.

Our highly skilled, experienced electricians can complete any electrical work necessary for your home remodel. Whether you need to replace the circuit breaker box, extend the electrical system, install new electrical appliances, upgrade worn lighting, or anything else, we are an invaluable resource. We are here to ensure the job is done right the first time. You’ll never need to call us back to resolve the same issue over and over.

Types of Electrical Remodeling Projects

We assist with a wide array of home remodeling projects including those that involve:

Home Remodeling Upgrades

If you live in an older home, your wiring may not meet current safety standards. A home remodel is a great opportunity to upgrade your wiring system and improve the overall safety of your space.

Some of the most common signs that indicate you need to upgrade your wiring include light bulbs that burn out quickly, light switches that flicker, charred outlets, and sudden increases in electric bills.

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We’ll make sure your project and electrical installation stays on deadline and pledge to exceed your every expectation. Our electricians look forward to adding new wiring to your home and rewiring existing systems to keep your home safe.

To discover even more about our electrical remodeling in Western, WA, make sure to call us at (253) 344-4622 today.

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